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The Other Japan: Beyond Kimonos and Swords

Starting 25th October, 2023

Liang Yi Museum is pleased to present The Other Japan: Beyond Kimonos and Swords, the largest exhibition on Japanese decorative art ever presented by Liang Yi Museum. With over 260 sets of Japanese works of art selected from the Museum’s permanent collection, the exhibition offers a window into the rich visual culture of Japan from the isolationist Edo period, to the early modern era where European ideas were absorbed into traditional culture.

As the title suggests, the exhibition examines objects beyond the more "typical" Japanese works of art such as kimonos and swords. This exhibition is viewed through the lens of three social classes as represented by their figureheads: the samurai, the emperor, and the chōnin.


The exhibition is supported by The Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong.

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A Pair of Stirrups Morihira Japan 17-18th century Iron and lacquer Height 28.5 x Width 13.8 x Length 23.5cm

Gun-Shaped Yatate Baitetsu Japan 19th century Copper and silver-gilt Length 20cm

Vase Unknown maker Japan 20th century Cloisonné enamel Height 30 x Diameter 26cm

Wedding Chest Unknown maker Japan Edo Period Maki-e lacquer over wood Height 35 x Width 64.5 x Length 46cm

Bonbonnière Unknown maker Japan 1910 Silver Height 4 x Width 4.4 x Length 4.9cm

Japanese cloisonné enamel tea set (5pcs) Ando Jubei Japan 20th century Cloisonné enamel Dimensions vary

Shishi Wooden Sculpture Unknown maker Japan 1685 Wood Height 54 x Width 24 x Length 55 cm Mark: “貞享二年,寄進彫銘”

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