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In our kitchen, we collaborated with world-class German brand Miele to provide us with state-of-the-art professional appliances.

The range includes four induction hobs, a combination oven, a steamer and an oven, so that whipping up a seated dinner for up to 50 guests is well within our capacity. As part of our fully equipped range, the kitchen also includes food and plate-warming drawers, and you can rest assured that your guests will always be served piping hot food, whether they are cocktail canapés or part of a four-course meal.

Outside the kitchen, the wine fridge provided by Miele has a capacity of over 140 bottles with three different temperature zones, ideal for wine-pairing dinners. A final touch is the built-in coffee machine, ensuring that any food served will be perfectly complemented throughout the event, from the first glass of bubbly champagne to that last cup of espresso.

Finally, our kitchen is glass-encased, giving your guests a rare glimpse to what goes on behind the scenes. Alternatively, the glass can be fogged over at the touch of a button, until your guests are surprised and delighted by the culinary magic that greets them at the table.

Liang Yi Museum_Kitchen 3.jpg
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