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A Victorian Silver-Gilt Warwick Vase Maker: Charles Boyton London, England 1889-1815 Height 64.8cm

A Victorian Silver Pilgrim Bottle Maker: Robert Garrard London, England 1881 Height 67cm

A William IV Silver-Gilt Cup Maker: Paul Storr London, England 1834 Silver-gilt Height 94.5cm

A Silver-Gilt Sideboard Dish Maker: John Edwards, London, England 1739 Silver-gilt Diameter 50cm

A Victorian Ewer and Basin Maker: Charles Frederick Hancock London, England 1855 Height 73.5cm

A Victorian Silver Centrepiece Bowl Maker: Daniel & John Wellby London, England 1899 Silver and ruby glass Height 35cm

A Pair of George III Silver-Gilt Cups Maker: Paul Storr London, England 1808 Silver-gilt Height 52cm

A Silver-Gilt Hardstone-Mounted Tazza Maker: Benjamin Smith London, England 1822 Silver-gilt, amethyst and hardstone Height 45cm

A French Silver-Gilt Tray Maker: Jean-Baptiste Claude Odiot Paris, France 1809-1814 Silver-gilt Width 61cm

A French Silver-Gilt Tray Maker: Charles-Nicholas Odiot Paris, France c. 1850-1860 Silver-gilt Width 68cm

A French Silver-Gilt Trophy Unknown maker Paris, France 1863 Silver-gilt Height 60cm

A Pair of American Ewers Maker: Tiffany & Co. New York, the United States 1878-1891 Height 50cm

A Danish Silver Footed Bowl Maker: Evald Nielsen Copenhagen, Denmark c. 1930 Height 21cm

An American Parcel-Gilt Silver Centrepiece Maker: Gorham Mfg. Co. Providence, the United States 1871 Parcel-Gilt Silver Height 41.9cm

A Pair of George V Silver Pilgrim Bottles Maker: Edward Barnard and Sons Ltd., London, England 1929 Height 28 x Width 52cm (each)

A Russian Silver Presentation Dish Maker: Antip Kuzmichev Moscow, Russia 1896 Diameter 62cm

An Enamel Silver-Gilt Plate Maker: Khlebnikov Moscow, Russia 1908-1917 Silver-gilt and cloisonné enamel Diameter 19.1cm

A Pair of Victorian Silver-Gilt Dessert Stands Maker: John Hunt & Robert Roskell London, England 1872 Silver-gilt Height 19.5cm

A Edwardian Silver-Gilt Centrepiece Bowl Maker: Edward James Watherston London, England 1902 Silver-gilt Length 35cm

A Large Victorian Silver Salver Maker: John Samuel Hunt London, England 1856 Diameter 70cm

A Victorian Silver Centrepiece Bowl Maker: Charles Stuart Harris London, England 1881 Diameter 31cm

A Pair of Silver Bowls Unknown maker, Probably Persian c. 1850 Diameter 35.5cm

A Large George III Silver Salver Maker: William Pitts London, England 1814 Diameter 67cm

A Large George II Silver Salver Maker: William Grundy London, England 1749 Diameter 66cm

A George III Epergne Centrepiece Maker: Matthew Boulton Birmingham, England 1816 Silver and glass Height 38.4cm

An Italian Vase and Stand Maker: Mario Buccellati Milan, Italy 1950s Silver-gilt Height 31.5cm

A French Jardinière Maker: Jean-Baptiste Gustave Odiot Paris, France c.1859 Silver and silver-gilt Length 57cm

A French Jardinière Maker: Odiot Paris, France c. 1900 Length 69cm

An American Cake Basket Tiffany and Co. New York, the United States 1907–1947 Height 29cm

A Pair of Anglo-Indian Filigree Cassolette Vases Unknown Anglo-Indian Early 19th century Silver-gilt Height 21cm

A Victorian Dessert Stand Maker: Frederick Elkington Birmingham, England 1870 Silver and cut-glass Height 32cm

A Victorian Tray Maker: G. R. Collis and Co. Birmingham, England 1838 Width 58cm

A Victorian Silver Two-Tier Centrepiece Maker: Robert Garrard II London, England 1854 Height 47.5cm

A Georgian Silver-Gilt Cup and Cover Cup Maker: Daniel Pontifex London, England 1802 Silver-gilt Cover Unknown maker London, England 1828 Silver-gilt Height 45cm (assembled)

A French Ewer and Basin Maker: Emile Sanner Paris, France c. 1900 Height 40cm

A Victorian Wine Cooler Maker: Benjamin Smith London, England 1849 Height 30cm

An American Punch Bowl Maker: Shreve and Co. San Francisco, the United States c. 1899 Height 33cm

A George IV Wine Cooler Maker: Probably Robert Gainsford Sheffield, England 1823 Diameter 30cm

A French Wine-Cooler Maker: H. Fres & Cie Paris, France c. 1900 Height 32cm

A George III Silver-Gilt Wine-Cooler Maker: Benjamin Smith (II) and Benjamin Smith (III) London, England 1818 Silver-gilt Height 46.5cm

A George III Centrepiece Maker: Robert Garrard I London, England 1807 Height 45.5cm

A Victorian Centrepiece Maker: Edward, Edward Jr., John & William Barnard London, England 1839 Height 52cm

A Massive German Silver-Gilt Flagon Maker: Neresheimer & Sohnes Hanau, Germany 1898 Silver-gilt Height 74cm

A Victorian Silver-Gilt Sideboard Dish Maker: James Garrard London, England 1885 Silver-gilt Diameter 51.5cm

A Continental Centrepiece Unknown maker Austrian or French c. 1880 Silver and silver-gilt Height 45cm

A Group of Austrian Silver and Silver-Gilt Drinks Trays Maker: Joseph Carl Klinkosh Vienna, Austria c. 1880 Silver and silver-gilt Diameter 39.5cm

An American Silver Epergne Centrepiece and Mirror Plateau Maker: Tiffany & Co. New York, the United States Silver and glass c. 1860 Height 73cm

A George III Salver Maker: Richard Rugg London, England 1761 Diameter 67cm

An Elizabeth II 18ct Gold Commemorative Dish Maker: Richard Comyns London, England 1972 Diameter 23cm

A Victorian Tray Maker: Atkin Brothers Sheffield, England 1894 Width 52cm

A French Table Garniture Maker: Charles Harleux Paris, France c. 1890 Height 59cm

An Edward VII Parcel-Gilt Table Garniture Maker: Wilson and Gill, Ltd. London, England 1909 Silver and silver-gilt Centrepiece height 43cm

A George III Tray Maker: Thomas Hannam and John Crouch (II) London, England 1804 Width 42cm

A George IV Large Salver Maker: Edward Barton London, England 1829 Diameter 66cm

A William IV Salver Maker: Robert Garrard II London, England 1834 Diameter 66cm

An American Tray Maker: The Mauser Manufacturing Company New York, the United States Early 20th century Width 79cm

An Austro-Hungarian Tray Maker: Eduard Steiter Vienna, Austria c. 1900 Width 94.5cm

A Danish Silver Bowl Maker: Georg Jensen Copenhagen, Denmark c. 1923 Diameter 13.5cm

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