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Title: Thangka in Blood: A Thangka Artist’s Journey Through Lineage and Legacy 

Speakers: Nima Dorji 

Date: Saturday, 6th July, 2024

Time: 2:30pm-4:30pm

Language: English

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Thangka holds a sacred status in Tibetan cultures, serving as a celebrated art form that connects the human and religious realms. Crafted from natural materials like woven canvases and mineral paints, these vibrant and intricate artworks are the products of skilled Thangka artists who dedicate their lives to this practice.


Bhutanese artist Nima Dorji was born into a family deeply rooted in the Thangka tradition. Under the tutelage of his father, the renowned Thangka master Thinley Norbu, Nima has not only honed his artistic abilities, but also gained profound insights about life.


In this event, Nima will share his personal spiritual experiences with nature, as well as the complex relationship he has with his father. Through this soul-searching journey, Nima invites the audience to enter the captivating world of Thangka. Following his talk, Nima will provide a demonstration, allowing the audience to witness his creative process firsthand.

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