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1st September, 2014 to 17th January, 2015

Extinct Pleasures showcases the use of now-extinct precious materials which were historically used in vanity cases, necessaires and compact cases. Through this exhibit, we not only explore why materials such as the hawksbill turtle, ivory or coral were commonly used; but also raise awareness to the importance of environmental conservation. The fact that these once commonplace materials are now endangered and protected should serve as a reminder of the finite number of resources we all share on this planet.

Evening Bag Marker: Cartier c. 1930 Gold, coral, diamond Width 6.8 x Length 5.8cm Liang Yi Museum collection

Inro-shaped Vanity Possibly Japanese maker c. 1915 Ivory Width 10 x Length 5cm Liang Yi Museum collection

Evening Bag Maker: Bulgari c. 1950 Tortoiseshell, gold and diamond Width 16.5 x Length 10.2cm Liang Yi Museum collection

Nécessaire Unknown maker c. 1925 Gold, enamel, pearl and diamond Height 1.1 x Width 7.2cm x Length 5.1cm Liang Yi Museum collection

Nécessaire Maker: Cartier c. 1920 Ivory, white gold, enamel and coral Height 2.8 x Width 9.4 x Length 4.5cm Liang Yi Museum collection

Compact Maker: Lacloche Frères c. 1920 Gold, enamel, diamond and coral Height 1 x Width 8.5 x Length 4.8cm Liang Yi Museum collection

Compact with a Separate Lipstick Maker: Boucheron c. 1920 Jade, gold, diamond and ivory Height 1.41 x Diameter 6.4cm Liang Yi Museum collection

Compact Unknown maker c. 1935 Gold, lapis lazuli, diamond and platinum Height 8cm x Width 5cm x Depth 1.7cm Liang Yi Museum collection

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