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4th September, 2018 – 26th February, 2019

The exhibition Ink and Wood presents a stunning collection of modern Chinese paintings alongside scholarly objects from Liang Yi Museum's permanent collection of classical Chinese furniture. Exhibitions previously organised at Liang Yi Museum had focussed on the decorative arts-classical Chinese furniture, European vanity cases and silverware of important historical significance, to name a few. However, for this exhibition, the Museum has decided to bring together the two disciplines, by exhibiting 24 paintings by renowned modern Chinese painters (generously on loan from a local private collector) in recreated classic Chinese scholar's studios. The exhibition fuses together the best of not only fine art and decorative art; but also juxtaposes traditional and classic craftsmanship versus the more contemporary medium of modern Chinese painting.

This inter-disciplinary exhibition Ink and Wood: Modern Chinese Paintings in the Scholar's Studio not only showcases classical Chinese furniture alongside modern Chinese paintings; it also provides viewers a chance to explore the different aspects of a scholar's daily life as a whole; and gives a dual perspective on two of the most enduring Chinese artistic traditions: furniture-making; and ink painting. 

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Flying Duck in Landscape China Lin Fengmian (1900-1991) Unknown date Ink and colour on paper, framed Height 68 x Width 67cm Private collection

Rock and Insects China Ju Lian (1828-1904) 1896 Ink and colour on silk, circular fan leaves, mounted Diameter 24cm Private collection

Brush Pot with Inlaid Decoration China 19th century Zitan Height 14.5 x Diameter 11.7cm Liang Yi Museum collection

Chest with Tortoiseshell Inlay China Qing Dynasty (Qianlong Period 1735-1796) Tortoiseshell, lacquer and mother-of-pearl Height 36 x Width 48.5 x Length 26cm Liang Yi Museum collection

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