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Title: A Token of Elegance

Speaker: Carolyn Hsu-Balcer

Date: Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Time: 6pm

Language: English

Register at:

Designer, philanthropist, and art collector Carolyn Hsu-Balcer explores the social history of an object that represents a bygone era of elegance – the cigarette holder. Marrying artistry and practicality, these beautiful objects perfectly demonstrate how form follows function. 

Follow her as she traces our centuries-old love affair with the tobacco plant, investigating the complex historical relationship between tobacco and the social act of smoking. Carolyn also discusses the creation and evolution of the holder and the rise and fall of this once ubiquitous object.  

Join us for a short cocktail reception beginning at 6pm, followed by the talk at 7pm. Carolyn will be signing copies of her newly published book, A Token of Elegance, after the talk.

2016 Feb
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