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Title: Traditional and Modern Jewellery of China

Speaker: Dickson Yewn

Date: Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

Time: 7pm

Language: English/Cantonese

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Chinese jewellery reflects the unique charm of many centuries of Chinese aesthetic and culture. Unfortunately, since the revolution of 1911 that overthrew the Qing empire, there has been a decline in the art of jewellery-making in China, and much of the country’s rich history craftsmanship have been lost.

In our contemporary globalised world, it is commonly assumed in the West that Chinese style is equivalent to chinoiserie, which is in fact a primarily European and French interpretation of the conventional motifs of Chinese design. Now, many Chinese jewellery designers are trying to reclaim their rightful heritage, and transform and inhabit the traditional characteristics of Chinese jewellery design and imbue them with a modern twist.  In this lecture, Dickson Yewn, a Chinese heritage jeweller, will discuss the transitional period from the late Qing period until now, and propose his vision on what it takes to be considered a genuine contemporary Chinese jewellery designer.

2014 Jan
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