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Title: Bi-directional Blue Road: Artistic Convergences of Chinese and Islamic Cultures

Speaker: Dr. James D. Frankel

Date: Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

Time: 3-5pm

Language: English

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The workshop by Dr. James D. Frankel will demonstrate the artistic convergences of Chinese and Islamic cultures, by explaining how Chinese and Persian ceramics exert impact on the hybrid Chinese Muslim culture. Attendees will have the opportunity to handle art objects from the exhibition.


Dr. James D. Frankel holds a Bachelor's degree in East Asian Studies and postgraduate degrees in Religion from Columbia University. His expertise is in the history of Islam in China, and his scholarly interests emphasise the comparative history of ideas and religious and cultural syncretism. Dr. Frankel teaches and researches in the areas of Islam, comparative religion, Chinese religions, religious fundamentalism and mysticism.

This event is co-organised with the Centre for the Study of Islamic Culture at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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