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Title: On Defiance: An Iconoclastic Ink Painter in 19th Century Guangdong

Speaker: Dr. Yeewan Koon

Date: Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

Time: 7pm

Language: English/Cantonese

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Held in conjunction with the Royal Asiatic Society of Hong Kong, we welcome Dr. Yeewan Koon from the University of Hong Kong. Dr. Koon will be discussing the 19th century painter Su Renshan, who rebelled against the institutions of Confucian learning and whose work reflected his frustrations against a government that failed to protect Guangdong from the British, the opium trade and the local bandits who plagued the area. His work examines what it is to be at once a scholar-official of his time, yet one who is also exiled and imprisoned.

2014 Nov
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