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Title: The Art of Curating 

Speaker: Angela Zhu, Olivia Wang and Yifawn Lee

Date:  Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

Time: 7pm

Language: Mandarin

Register at:

To celebrate the opening of our new exhibition, Scholars and Debutantes: A Contrast of Ascetic and Opulent Luxuries, Liang Yi Museum is pleased to present a panel discussion between our collections manager Angela Zhu, and representative of the Ink Society Olivia Wang, moderated by the publisher of Orientations and founder of Asian Art Hong Kong, Yifawn Lee. The panel will focus on how curators choose what to exhibit. Angela will introduce the scholarly objects chosen for the exhibition, and some of the differences involved in choosing a traditional versus a modern display. Olivia will discuss the paintings she curated from the Directors of the Ink Society, as well as how the spirit of the literati is expressed through their possessions and artistic output. 

2015 Sep
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