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Title: Qianlong Emperor's Carved Lacquer War Panels from 18th-Century China 

Speaker: Dr. Zhan Zhenpeng

Date: Tuesday, January 8th, 2019

Time: 7pm

Language: Mandarin

Register at:

We are pleased to have Dr. Zhan Zhenpeng as the first speaker of 2019 for our January edition of Liang Yi Talks. Using a late-18th-century carved lacquer panel which was originally housed at the Hall of Purple Splendour (an imperial building used by emperor Qianlong to display battle charts and seized weapons) as an example, Dr. Zhan will explore the relationship and technical exchanges between the imperial workshop and local artisans.

Dr. Zhan received his Ph.D. in History of Chinese Art from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is currently a research fellow at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. His research interests mainly focus on material culture studies; Chinese lacquer (13th - 19th centuries); Ming and Qing decorative arts; and the history of connoisseurship in the Qing court.

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