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Title: The Art of Diancui in Traditional Chinese Headdresses

Speaker: Peter Chu Kit Wing

Date: Tuesday, January 7th, 2020

Time: 7pm

Language: Cantonese

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Diancui refers to a traditional type of Chinese craftsmanship that inlays the feather of a kingfisher bird onto a base metal. This was a scarce material as it was very difficult to capture a kingfisher in the wild; and rearing them in captivity was not easy, either. Consequently, the striking blue colour of kingfisher feather became a symbol of wealth and status. This talk explores the history of kingfisher feather hair ornaments from China and the technique involved in their production; and provides a rare chance for attendees to look at some examples from the private collection of Mr. Peter Chu.

Mr. Peter Chu is an avid collector of Chinese hair ornaments, jade and silver. He founded the Chinese Jade Society in 1993 and remains chairman of the Society today. He was appointed honorary associate professor in fine arts at the University of Hong Kong.

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