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Exhibition Title: Lacloche - Joailliers, 1892 - 1967

Date: 23th October to 20th December, 2019

Borrowing Institution: L'ÉCOLE School of Jewelry Arts, Paris

The Maison Lacloche was one of Paris’ celebrated jewellery houses from the Belle Époque period to the 1960s. Lacloche Frères, and later Jacques Lacloche, created jewellery for royalty including Queen Victoria of Spain; the kings of Greece and Siam; as well as for aristocratic figures such as the Duchess of Westminster, and Hollywood stars like Grace Kelly.

9 vanity cases selected from the Liang Yi collection supplemented jewelleries, clocks, and archival documents at the exhibition to illustrate various trends, including the naturalism of Art Nouveau, Egyptomania and the penchant for the Far East during the Roaring Twenties, the modernism of Art Deco, and the charmingly seductive creations of the 1950s.

20191021-1220 Lacloche Joailliers 1892-1964.jpeg
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