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Exhibition Title: Lacloche, Parisian Jewelers, 1892-1967

Date: 22nd November, 2021 to 6th April, 2022

Borrowing Institution: L'ÉCOLE School of Jewelry Arts, Hong Kong

Revered between the Belle Époque and the 1960s, the Maison Lacloche attracted a vast, prestigious, and international clientele. Its delicacy and poetry dazzled many eyes in the 1925 International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris, and later across both sides of the Atlantic among European royals and Hollywood stars, with its stunning jewelled renditions standing at the forefront of the Art Deco movement. 

Curated by Laurence Mouillefarine, the exhibition showcases more than 40 dazzling pieces, including 7 exhibits from the Liang Yi collection, that take you back to Paris in the 1900s - where the glory days of Lacloche began - and to the Maison's ultimate downfall.

Lacloche, Parisian Jewelers, 1892-1967.png
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