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21st March to 18th August, 2016

The beauty and brilliance of silver have made it an object of admiration throughout history. This exhibition traces the history and evolution of silver made in Britain through forty-six works from the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum. Boldly combining ancient practices and skills with the latest technological developments, these pieces reflect trends in fashion and design across continents.

Spectacular examples of historical silver dating from the sixteenth to the early nineteenth century from the renowned Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Collection are displayed alongside dramatic sculptural pieces from noted contemporary silversmiths such as Gerald Benney and Michael Lloyd, along with original sketches. Ranging from the entirely abstract to the startlingly representative, these pieces demonstrate the diverse influences from which silverwork in Britain draws inspiration.

Alongside Masterpieces of British Silver, selected pieces from the Liang Yi Collection of vanities provide a personal perspective to complement the silver exhibits, displaying techniques that parallel those used on silver, but on a smaller scale.

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Reunion II Nuremberg, Germany Maker: Ja-kyung Shin 2010 Electroplated silver Width 12 x Length 50cm ©The Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Box London, England Maker: Michael Rowe 1978 Silver and gold Heigth 22 x Width 33cm ©The Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Sparkle Vase London, England Maker: Ndidi Ekubia 2012 Silver Height 22cm ©The Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Aqua-poesy IV London, England Maker: Hiroshi Suzuki 1999 Silver Height 32.6cm ©The Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Coffee-pot or Hot-water Jug London, England Maker: Paul de Lamerie 1743–44 Silver and wood Height 35.6cm ©The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Collection on loan to the Victoria and Albert Museum, London

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