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1st ​September, 2014 to 17th January, 2015

There are over 300 pieces of antique Chinese hardwood furniture from the Ming and Qing dynasties in the Liang Yi permanent collection. What is a rose chair? Or a southern official hat chair? How about a half table? In Tables and Chairs, we lift the veil of carpentry jargon to take a closer look at the building blocks of Chinese antique furniture. From basic terminology to more sophisticated comparisons of geographical style, this exhibit aims to educate and enlighten through a representative sample of classic forms.

Pair of Rocking Chairs Guangdong, China 19th Century Zitan and bur wood Height 83.5 x Width 52 x Length 96cm Liang Yi Museum collection

Qing-Style Chair with Marble Panel Guangdong, China 19th Century Zitan and marble Height 94 x Width 101 x Length 55cm Liang Yi Museum collection

Box-Style Altar Table Fujian, China 17th Century Huanghuali Height 87 x Width 105 x Length 65cm Liang Yi Museum collection

Massive Formal Side Table Northern China Late 16th or early 17th century Huanghuali Length 92 x Width 320 x Length 70m Liang Yi Museum collection

Table with Shelf and Inlaid Tabletop Suzhou, China 17th century Zitan and semi-precious stones Height 78 x Width 75 x Length 38cm Liang Yi Museum collection

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