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Starting 17th February, 2023

Liang Yi Museum is pleased to present Majestic: Royal and Imperial Objects  from the Liang Yi Collection, the first exhibition of its kind in Hong Kong to explore the history of royal and noble patronage in the East and West. Drawing on 180 remarkable artefacts from the Museum's permanent collection, the pieces in the collection were commissioned by the ruling class, or made by celebrated craftsmen granted warrants from the royal courts of Austria, China, Denmark, England, France, and Japan. 


Featuring exhibits from both East and West, this exhibition takes an international approach, celebrating the apex of craftsmanship under the direction of imperial cultural ambition. The collection can be classified into two broad categories: those with direct royal provenance; and objects created in the taste of royalty.

To order the exhibition catalogue, please contact us at

A Bohemian Silver Five-Light Chandelier Maker: Michael Josef Cocsell Prague, Czech Republic 1723 Height 190cm This chandelier is on loan to the Hangzhou Museum from March, 2023 to July, 2023.

A French Silver-Gilt Tray Maker: Jean-Baptiste Claude Odiot Paris 1809-1814 Sivler-gilt Width 61cm

A French Silver-Gilt Double Salt Stand Maker: J.C, possibly Jean Cheroux Paris, France c. 1840 Silver-gilt Height 15cm

George V 18 Carat Gold Freedom Casket Maker: Garrard & Co. Ltd. London, England 1921 18 carat gold Width 28.3cm

A Danish Silver Three-Piece Coffee Service and Tray Maker: Georg Jensen & Wendel A/S Denmark Early 20th century Tray length 29cm

Purse Maker’s mark “H. M.” c. 1910 Height 9.06 x Width 6.7 x Length 0.92cm

Brush Washer 19th century Agate and agarwood Vessel: 7.5 x Width 7.2 x Length 4.5cm Base: 5 x Width 17 x Length 7cm

Shrine 1769 (34th year of the Qianlong reign) Zitan Height 109 x Width 63 x Length 54cm

Kang Table 17th century Zitan Height 28 x Width 101 x Length 65.5cm

A Pair of Horseshoe Armchairs 17th century Zitan Height 102 x Width 69 x Length 55cm

Bonbonnière 1929 Japan Height 2 x Width 5.5 x Length 4.3cm

Waist Tabakoire with Kiseru-Zutsu (Tobacco pouch with pipe case) Meiji to Taishō period (20th century) Fabric and metal Tabakoirei: Height 6.6 x Width 22.4 x Length 13cm Kiseru-Zutsu: Height 0.3 x Width 25 x Length 4cm

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